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Various artists I've worked with:
Patrick Keating: http://www.patrickkeating.net/
Kill Minus Nine: http://www.killminusnine.com
Tom Hagerman: http://www.tomhagerman.com
Dave Connelly: http://www.dave-connelly.com
Velvet Acid Christ: http://www.velvetacidchrist.com
The Siren Project: http://thesirenprojectmusic.com
Voice Coil: https://voicecoil.bandcamp.com
The Twilight Garden (this is my project): http://www.thetwilightgarden.com
Various companies I enjoy working with for audio equipment, cabling, etc.:
Psyonic Labs: http://www.psyoniclabs.com
Sweetwater Sound (my sales guy there is Brendan Murphy x1287): http://www.sweetwater.com
Vintage King (my sales guy there is Jacob Schneider x116): http://www.vintageking.com
NRSmart (good place to get office furniture, etc.): https://www.nrsmart.com

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