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Many years ago, I began doing audio production for other musicians who like my work. Noise Radiation Studios Mastering Studio Denver has evolved over the years, but it features a dedicated mastering facility. The studio runs B&W 800d speakers and Classe CAM-600 amplifiers, and the room was tuned by professional room tuner Bob Hodas. It sounds fantastic! In regard to myself, I have several decades of experience doing this. In 1999, I graduated from the University of Colorado with a bachelor's degree in music with emphasis in music engineering. That education gave me a springboard upon which to build my skillset - and I continue to develop it every day.
I have been working with a wide variety of studio equipment for several decades now - and I have settled on the pieces which have most impressed me over the years. Those are the ones now installed in the studio! The list is ever-evolving though as I discover new pieces I love to work with. Current favorites include equipment by GML, Manley, API, and Cranesong. Software I enjoy using includes software by Steinberg, Izotope, Universal Audio, DMG Audio, Waves, Soundtoys, and many more. If you like the work I do and would like to have me work on your project, let me know! Thanks!
-Todd Loomis

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Noise Radiation Studios
345 W 62nd Ave Ste D
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