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Mixing and Mastering - mastering includes CD master production and/or digital file enhancement - sound is optimized for the best opportunity at achieving good translation across the widest possible variety of sound systems. I work with digital release mediums - I do not do vinyl mastering. I believe the best vinyl mastering is done by facilities with a vinyl cutting lathe on hand - this allows them to test the cut and optimize. They are perfecting for the vinyl medium... Here I have chosen to focus on perfecting for digital release mediums.
FILE FORMATS: WAV or AIFF preferred, but others can be received and/or provided.

Bit Depth

Any bit depth is fine, but typical files are 16-bit, 20-bit, 24-bit, or 32-bit float.

Sample Rates:

Any sample rate is fine, but typical rates are 44.1khz, 48khz, 88.2khz, 96khz, 176.4khz, and 192khz. Korg DSD format is also accepted (2.8mhz, or 5.6mhz).